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I am an artist who has fallen in love with the light and colour in the world around us.

I seek to capture the soul and essence of a place and delight in the fine atmospheric subtleties of the English landscape and equally with the brilliance of light and the colours found in coastal areas at home and abroad. I have been inspired by the charming scenes found in Devon and along the Cornish coastlines and also by my travels to the enchanting island of Menorca where the heat, light and high energy from the holiday makers have all contributed to my fascination in 'capturing the moment' in my beach scenes.
I have recently relocated to Devon and I’m freshly inspired by the luminous interplay of light and landscape....fresh paintings will be arriving in the near future......

I paint in watercolour for its ability to produce beautiful luminous washes and more recently in oils and pastels which allow me to paint with great depth of colour.
I spend much of my time walking and observing the rhythms of the natural world and the essence of my paintings are inspired by my intense Love of Light and Colour.